Unlock the Future of Parcel Management: Explore the Power of Smart Storage Lockers

Seamless, Secure, and Smart: Locker Solutions For Every Business

Smart Parcel & Storage Lockers: Adapting to Your Requirements Both Indoors & Outdoors.

Designed for versatility, our lockers cater to a range of needs with customisable compartments – ensuring secure and efficient storage for parcels, documents, and more.

Residential Buildings

Incorporating our smart lockers into your office or residential building offers a highly secure and convenient 24/7 package pick-up point for all types of deliveries. These lockers not only streamline the delivery process but also reduce the administrative burden on building management, ensuring parcels are securely stored and easily accessible by residents or employees at any time.

Offices & Co-Working

Our smart lockers provide workplaces with a cutting-edge, contactless solution for managing deliveries, sharing, and storage needs. In today's fast-paced business environment, they offer an efficient way to handle parcels, documents, and other essential items, reducing the need for person-to-person contact and enhancing workplace safety. These lockers can be used for secure storage of employee belongings, shared work materials, or for receiving important deliveries.


Transform your retail business with our smart lockers and automate the "Buy Online, Pick Up In Store" (BOPIS) process. These lockers provide a seamless, efficient way for customers to collect their online purchases, significantly enhancing the customer experience. Not only do they offer convenience for shoppers, but they also increase sales opportunities for retailers by driving foot traffic to the store.



Indoor Parcel Lockers: The Smart Solution for Seamless Deliveries

Welcome to a new age of innovation and convenience. Our Smart lockers, governed by intelligent software and connected to the internet, facilitate the secure delivery of goods, bridging the gap when the sender and recipient aren't present simultaneously.

Comprising of non-refrigerated, ambient temperature and refrigerated modular lockers, our units offers extensive customisation to meet diverse needs. Perfect for the bustling world of online shopping and next-day delivery, these 24/7 Smart Terminals are accessible, around the clock at strategic locations.

The rapid growth in online shopping demands enhanced transportation and delivery services. Our indoor parcel lockers, developed by expert engineers, are the answer. Suitable for apartment buildings, offices, commercial premises, and other large spaces, they're a fantastic way to enhance your service and build customer trust. A simple way to give you that competitive edge.

Key Features

- High-Security Locking Systems: Utilises top-tier security measures, ensuring each locker is safeguarded against unauthorised access.

- Continuous Monitoring with Built-in Cameras: Equipped with integrated cameras, providing continuous surveillance to enhance the security of every parcel at every stage.

- Universal Courier Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of courier services, our lockers support a wide range of delivery options, ensuring complete delivery success.

- User-Friendly Technology Integration: Advanced technological features are complemented by an intuitive mobile app, simplifying locker management and user interaction.

- Versatile Cabinet Sizing: Offers a range of cabinet sizes, accommodating everything from small parcels to larger packages, providing flexible storage solutions.

- Customisable Design Options: Available in a variety of colours and designs, these lockers can be personalised to blend with or enhance the aesthetic of any indoor setting.


Practical Solutions in Action:

Expertly designed to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, our lockers redefine the norms of parcel delivery and storage. Below, we explore various scenarios where our innovative Indoor Parcel Lockers are making a significant difference in streamlining the processes across multiple industries.

Offices & Co-Working

  • Secure Document and Equipment Storage: Employees and freelancers can securely store important documents, electronics, or personal items, reducing the risk of loss or theft.
  • Enhanced Workplace Convenience: Facilitates the receipt of personal deliveries, online shopping items, or business parcels without disrupting the work environment.

Retail Stores

  • Boosting ‘Click and Collect’ Efficiency: Our smart indoor lockers provide an ideal solution for the ‘Click and Collect’ service. By enabling customers to swiftly pick up their online orders, these lockers streamline the collection process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Driving Additional Footfall: As shoppers come to collect their parcels, they are more likely to make additional purchases, increasing overall store traffic and sales opportunities.

Student Accommodation

  • Secure Package Reception for Students: Allows students to receive parcels, textbooks, and care packages securely, accommodating their irregular schedules and study commitments.
  • Reducing Parcel Management Burden: By having these lockers on-site, accommodation managers alleviate the need to handle and store students’ deliveries, streamlining the process for both staff and students.

Apartment buildings

  • Safe Parcel Deliveries for Residents: Offers residents a secure and convenient way to receive online shopping deliveries at any time, without the need for a concierge or secure entry.
  • Community Amenity Enhancement: Adds value to apartment complexes by providing a modern, secure amenity that meets the needs of a growing number of online consumers.

Discover the Future of Storage


Your Key to Convenient, Secure Deliveries. A robust solution for the burgeoning demands of online shopping.

This innovation addresses the challenges of modern parcel delivery, enhancing user experience and providing a seamless integration into daily life. It’s an ideal solution for homes, retail stores, and communal living spaces like apartments and student accommodations.

Our Outdoor Parcel Lockers are crafted for durability and security, capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions while safeguarding your deliveries. They accommodate packages of various sizes, ensuring that everything from small parcels to larger deliveries is securely stored. Intuitive and accessible, these lockers are easy to use for everyone, with added benefits of managing deliveries through our user-friendly mobile app.

Key Features

- All-Weather Resilience: Designed to withstand various weather conditions including rain, snow, sun, and wind, ensuring your parcels are protected no matter the external environment.

- 24/7 Accessibility: Provides round-the-clock access to parcels, enhancing convenience for users who can collect their deliveries at any time, eliminating the need to align with specific delivery schedules.

- Enhanced Security Measures: Our lockers are equipped with advanced security features including robust locking systems and the option for CCTV, ensuring both the safety of the locker and the security of its contents.

- Diverse Storage Capability: Capable of accommodating parcels of different sizes, our lockers ensure that all deliveries, from small packages to larger parcels, are kept secure until collection.

- Low-Maintenance and Durable: Constructed with high-quality materials and a design focused on longevity and minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and long-lasting service.

- Seamless Courier Integration: Compatible with a wide range of courier services, our lockers facilitate easy and efficient handling of deliveries, ensuring a smooth and reliable collection process for users.


Outdoor Parcel Lockers Across Industries:

Explore the adaptability and sophistication of our outdoor parcel lockers in diverse environments. Specially crafted to meet a variety of needs with unparalleled efficiency and reliability, these lockers transform the process of parcel delivery and collection. Here are some real-life scenarios showcasing how our innovative outdoor parcel lockers are revolutionising service delivery and enhancing user experience across multiple sectors.

Retail Environments

  • Convenient Outdoor Pickup for Online Orders: Enhances the ‘Click and Collect’ experience by providing an outdoor, always-accessible point for customers to collect their online purchases, driving additional traffic to the store’s vicinity.
  • Streamlined External Retail Operations: Outdoor lockers free up valuable retail space and staff time by managing online order pickups efficiently, allowing staff to focus on in-store customers and operations.

Corporate & Office Spaces

  • Outdoor Delivery Solutions for Workplaces: Offers a secure and efficient way for employees to receive both personal and professional deliveries outdoors, without disrupting the office environment.
  • Secure, Outdoor Reception of Sensitive Items: Provides an external, private, and secure method for employees to receive important documents and packages, enhancing workplace convenience and security.

Educational Campuses

  • Student-Friendly Outdoor Parcel Services: Enables students to safely receive parcels, textbooks, and essential items in an outdoor setting, accommodating the diverse and flexible schedules of campus life.
  • 24/7 Outdoor Accessibility for Students and Staff: These lockers, placed outdoors on campus, provide round-the-clock access to deliveries, crucial for the often irregular and busy timetables of students and faculty.

Residential Communities

  • Outdoor Security for Home Deliveries: Residents in apartments and housing cooperatives can securely receive their online shopping and parcels outdoors, eliminating the risk of unattended packages and reducing the burden on building management.
  • Accessible Anytime, Outdoors: These lockers, located outside, offer residents 24/7 access to their deliveries, perfect for those with busy schedules or who are often away from home.


How Smart Lockers Work


Your Questions Answered

Yes, both our indoor and outdoor parcel lockers are designed with compartments of varying sizes, enabling them to accommodate a wide range of parcel sizes, from small packages to larger deliveries.

Absolutely. Our outdoor lockers are built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, ensuring the safety and integrity of your parcels.

Both indoor and outdoor lockers are equipped with high-security locking systems and have options for CCTV and other monitoring technologies to ensure the utmost security of stored items.

Yes, both our indoor and outdoor lockers offer 24/7 accessibility, allowing parcels to be collected at any convenient time.

Indeed, both locker types are user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that are easy to operate by anyone. They also offer the added convenience of managing deliveries through a mobile app.

No, our lockers are designed for low maintenance. They are made with high-quality, durable materials suited for both indoor and outdoor environments.

For retail stores, our lockers facilitate an efficient ‘Click and Collect’ system, enhancing customer experience and potentially increasing store footfall.

Yes, our lockers are designed to be flexible and compatible with various courier services, ensuring seamless and reliable delivery to the lockers regardless of the courier company.



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