Click and Collect Redefined: Discover the Versatility of Intelligent Smart Lockers

Effortless, Innovative, and Flexible: Tailoring Locker Solutions to Your Specific Needs

Intelligent Click and Collect Lockers: Adapting to Every Requirement

Our intelligent lockers offer varying temperature controls in each compartment, catering to heated, refrigerated, or frozen requirements with ease. Their versatility makes them an ideal solution for a myriad of applications, ensuring that every item, whether it needs to be kept warm, cool, or frozen, is stored under optimal conditions.

Intelligent Heated Lockers for Click & Collect

Our heated lockers offer an intelligent solution for businesses that require maintaining the warmth of their products. Ideal for restaurants and cafes participating in click & collect services, these lockers ensure that meals stay hot and fresh until customers are ready to pick them up. Integrated smart technology allows for precise temperature control, ensuring every order is maintained at the ideal warmth, enhancing customer satisfaction with every pick-up.

Innovative Refrigerated and Frozen Lockers

Catering to the needs of businesses requiring chilled or frozen storage, our refrigerated and frozen lockers are the epitome of efficiency for click & collect services. Whether it's dairy products, fresh produce, or frozen items, these lockers maintain the perfect temperature. Their intelligent design includes adjustable settings to cater to various temperature needs, making them versatile for a range of businesses from grocery stores to pharmacies.

Flexible Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

Our smart lockers are designed to suit both indoor and outdoor environments, making them a versatile choice for any business model. Whether placed in a retail store, an office building, or outside in a public space, these lockers provide secure and convenient access for click & collect services. Their intelligent design ensures durability and reliability in different settings, offering businesses and customers alike the flexibility and convenience they need for efficient parcel exchange.



Our refrigerated lockers serve as an exceptional solution from storing online grocery purchases to preserving perishable items and delivering refrigerated packages.

These lockers stand out for their unmatched versatility, catering not only to food and grocery deliveries but also adeptly handling a variety of temperature-sensitive items. They are perfectly suited for safely storing medications, cosmetics, and electronic devices, all of which require specific and controlled environmental conditions.

A standout feature of our lockers is the capability for individual compartment temperature control. Each locker segment can be finely tuned to sustain the ideal temperature, ensuring that a diverse range of products maintains their quality and integrity. Built to perform robustly in multiple settings, whether indoors or outdoors, these lockers offer a dependable means to maintain product quality in varying climatic conditions.

Key Features

- Industry-Wide Efficiency: These lockers are designed to serve a multitude of industries effectively, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

- Queue Reduction and Productivity Boost: Ideal for environments where reducing wait times and streamlining processes are crucial, they help in minimising queues and boosting productivity.

- Energy-Efficient with Enhanced Security: Not only are these lockers energy-efficient and operate quietly, but they can also be equipped with lighting and CCTV, ensuring both the safety of the lockers and the security of the contents inside.

- Guaranteed Safe Storage: All items stored in these lockers remain secure and well-preserved until collected by the recipient, offering peace of mind and reliability.

- Low Maintenance Design: The refrigerated lockers are designed to be low maintenance, featuring a condenser coil that prevents the clogging of dust and other particles, ensuring long-term, hassle-free operation.

- Courier Compatibility and Flexibility: Capable of synchronising with various couriers, these lockers facilitate the collection of shipments from different delivery services, ensuring reliable and guaranteed delivery to your locker.


Practical Benefits & Industries:

Witness the significant influence of our refrigerated smart lockers across a range of environments. These lockers are ingeniously crafted to cater to diverse requirements with unparalleled efficiency and ease of use. Here, we illustrate several real-world scenarios where our innovative refrigerated lockers are redefining the dynamics of storage and retrieval, enhancing experiences in multiple industries.


  • Office Meal and Snack Delivery Solutions: Employees can conveniently receive their lunch, snacks, or meal-kit deliveries directly at the office. These refrigerated lockers ensure that all items remain fresh throughout the day, catering perfectly to both health-conscious individuals and those looking for a special treat.

  • Secure Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Deliveries: Employees expecting temperature-sensitive medications or cosmetics can benefit from these lockers. Items are kept in a controlled environment and are available for secure pick-up at the employee’s convenience, offering peace of mind.


  • Streamlined Click-and-Collect for Groceries: Supermarkets can offer customers the ultimate convenience with our refrigerated lockers. Customers can effortlessly order their groceries online and collect them from these lockers at a time that suits them, ensuring their items remain fresh and chilled, even if they are unable to visit the store immediately.

  • Specialty Item Preservation: These lockers are perfect for storing specialty grocery items that require specific temperature conditions, such as artisanal cheeses, gourmet meats, or prepared gourmet meals, maintaining their quality and freshness.


  • Convenient Prescription Pickup: Our refrigerated lockers offer patients the flexibility to collect their temperature-sensitive medications at their convenience. This service ensures that medications are not exposed to unsuitable conditions and are kept at the required temperature, eliminating the need for patients to wait in line.

  • Extended Access with After-Hours Pickup: The lockers provide a vital solution for after-hours medication collection. Patients can access their prescriptions outside of the standard pharmacy operating hours, ensuring they have continuous access to their essential healthcare needs.

Apartment buildings

  • Streamlined Grocery Delivery System: In apartment buildings, these refrigerated lockers provide a secure and convenient solution for residents to have their grocery deliveries stored. This is particularly beneficial for those who are away from home during typical delivery hours, ensuring their groceries are kept fresh until they can collect them.
  • Modern Amenity for Resident Convenience: Installing these lockers in apartment buildings adds a contemporary and practical amenity. They not only increase the building’s appeal but also provide residents with a convenient, secure solution for receiving and storing temperature-sensitive deliveries.

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Heated Smart Lockers: Preserving Warmth for Optimal Food Delivery

Our heated lockers are expertly crafted to keep food deliveries warm and fresh, presenting an ideal solution for the challenges of maintaining temperature in hot food delivery. This innovative approach not only elevates the customer experience but also significantly reduces any issues of customer dissatisfaction and potential losses for food businesses. They are perfectly suited for a variety of settings including fast-food outlets, office buildings, hotels, and restaurant chains.

Designed with a focus on high security and flexible storage options, these heated lockers are adept at accommodating hot food packages of varying sizes. The lockers are remarkably user-friendly and intuitive, ensuring that anyone can operate them with ease. The added benefit of a mobile app enhances the convenience, making the management of deliveries smooth and efficient.

Key Features

- Reliable Temperature Control: In cases where there is a delay in pickup, our lockers maintain a consistent heat level, ensuring that food stays hot and ready for the customer's enjoyment at their convenience.

- Improving Service Dynamics: These lockers significantly reduce wait times and streamline the pickup process, effectively eliminating the hassle of long queues for customers.

- Enhanced Security Measures: Our lockers are equipped with advanced security options, including lighting and CCTV, to ensure both the physical safety of the locker and the security of the food items inside.

- Assured Safe Storage: We guarantee that all hot food deliveries are securely stored and kept in optimal condition until they are retrieved by the recipient.

- Effortless Maintenance: Designed for efficiency, these lockers operate with minimal maintenance required, providing a trouble-free service experience.

- Versatile Courier Integration: Our lockers are adaptable and can accommodate a variety of courier services, assuring reliable and consistent delivery management.


The Versatility of Heated Smart Lockers in Diverse Sectors:

Explore the innovative edge of our heated smart lockers, adeptly serving a multitude of industries. Precisely engineered for versatility and ease, they offer a modern solution for maintaining the temperature and quality of hot items, setting a new standard in heated storage technology.


  • Streamlined Food Delivery for Guests: When hotel guests order from external eateries, there’s no need for delivery personnel to find specific rooms or interact with the front desk. Meals are simply placed in our heated lockers, staying warm and fresh until guests are ready to enjoy them, enhancing convenience and privacy.

  • Flexible Dining Options for Guests: Our lockers offer a perfect solution for guests who order meals outside the hotel’s regular dining hours. They can securely store their hot food, providing guests the freedom to dine at their own convenience and ensuring a warm, enjoyable meal anytime.

Restaurants & Online Orders

  • Convenient and Hot Takeaway Collection: Restaurants can revolutionise their takeaway service by enabling customers to pre-order and collect their meals from heated lockers. This ensures that every order stays hot and fresh until pickup, offering a seamless and high-quality dining experience even outside the restaurant.

  • Optimised Order Handling During Busy Periods: Utilising heated lockers helps restaurants effectively manage the influx of orders during peak times. This setup provides a rapid and effortless pickup alternative for customers, significantly reducing wait times and elevating overall service efficiency.

Fast-Food & Takeaways

  • Speedy Pickup for Drive-Thru and Walk-Ins: Fast-food restaurants and takeaway services can significantly enhance their efficiency using heated lockers. These lockers provide a swift solution for storing orders, enabling customers to quickly collect their meals, whether through drive-thru or as walk-in pickups.

  • Maintained Meal Quality and Temperature: By using heated lockers, these eateries ensure that all take-out orders retain their optimal temperature and quality. This commitment to maintaining high standards in food delivery leads to increased customer satisfaction and encourages repeat patronage.

Apartment buildings

  • Secure Food Delivery Management: In apartment buildings without reception areas, our heated lockers offer a secure solution for managing food deliveries. These lockers safeguard meals against theft or tampering, providing residents with peace of mind that their orders are protected until they can collect them.

  • Warm Meal Deliveries for Residents: Heated lockers in apartment buildings provide a convenient solution for residents to receive hot food deliveries. Installed in common areas, these lockers ensure that meals from local eateries stay warm until residents are ready to collect them.

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Innovative Click & Collect Lockers: Your Solution for Sub-Zero Temperature Management.

Experience the advanced capabilities of our Frozen Smart Lockers, a cornerstone in the realm of click & collect lockers and intelligent locker solutions. These lockers are meticulously engineered to address the unique challenges of delivering and storing frozen goods. By maintaining the quality and integrity of frozen items, they significantly enhance the customer experience, thereby reducing the likelihood of complaints and losses. Their versatility makes them an indispensable asset for a variety of sectors, including supermarkets, retail stores, medical facilities, restaurants, and residential complexes.

Constructed with an emphasis on both security and adaptability, our intelligent lockers consistently sustain strict sub-zero temperatures, making them ideal for a diverse array of frozen products. The user-friendly interface of these lockers ensures effortless operation by anyone. Furthermore, the integration with our mobile app brings an added level of convenience, streamlining the management of deliveries and storage. These innovative features position our Frozen Smart Lockers as a key player in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of click & collect services.

Key Features

- Maintaining Perfect Sub-Zero Conditions: Our intelligent lockers ensure consistent sub-zero temperatures, preserving the quality of frozen items, even if collection is delayed. This feature guarantees that items like frozen foods and medical supplies remain in perfect condition for when they are needed.

- Specialised for Freezing Needs: Designed specifically for products requiring freezing temperatures, our lockers are ideal for a range of items, from frozen food products to temperature-sensitive medical supplies and delicate materials.

- Streamlining Storage and Collection: Our click & collect lockers enhance storage efficiency by simplifying the process, effectively reducing wait times and preventing any degradation of products.

- Advanced Security for Peace of Mind: Equipped with robust security features, including lighting and CCTV, these lockers ensure both the physical safety of the locker unit and the security of the contents stored inside.

- Guaranteed Protection of Frozen Goods: We ensure that all items stored within our lockers are kept securely and maintained in pristine condition, ready for recipient collection.

- Effortless and Low-Maintenance: Our frozen smart lockers are built for high efficiency and require minimal maintenance, providing a reliable and hassle-free service for an extended duration.

- Seamless Courier Service Integration: Compatible with various courier services, these lockers facilitate a dependable and consistent management system for the delivery of frozen items, enhancing the click & collect experience.


Integrating Frozen Lockers Into Your Business:

Discover the efficiency and advanced technology of our frozen smart lockers in diverse environments. Specially designed to meet various freezing requirements with maximum effectiveness and simplicity, these lockers transform the process of storing and accessing frozen items. Here are a few examples of how our state-of-the-art frozen lockers are currently being implemented in various sectors.

Supermarkets & Retail

  • Streamlined Click-and-Collect for Frozen Products: Shoppers can easily order frozen items such as ice cream, frozen vegetables, and ready meals online, then collect their purchases from our lockers at a time that suits them. This ensures that all items remain perfectly frozen and of the highest quality upon collection.

  • Efficient Management During High-Demand Periods: By providing a quick and easy collection point, these lockers significantly reduce queues and improve the overall shopping experience, making them a valuable asset for any retail operation focused on customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery.

Healthcare & Laboratories

  • Reliable Storage for Critical Medical Supplies: Our intelligent frozen lockers provide a secure and controlled setting for storing temperature-sensitive medical supplies, vaccines, and biological samples. These lockers are crucial for maintaining strict cold chain management, ensuring that these vital items are preserved under optimal conditions.

  • Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency with Safe Sample Storage: Laboratories can significantly benefit from the use of our lockers for the safekeeping of samples awaiting analysis. By maintaining consistent temperature conditions, these lockers ensure that samples are kept in an uncompromised state, thereby contributing to the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results.

Food Service & Catering

  • Effective Management of Frozen Ingredients: Our frozen smart lockers offer an excellent solution for restaurants and catering services to efficiently handle their inventory of frozen ingredients. This system aids in reducing wastage and optimising overall kitchen operations, ensuring that every ingredient is preserved in its best condition until needed.

  • Securing Quality for Bulk Orders: For catering large events, these lockers provide a secure environment for storing pre-prepared frozen items. This ensures that the quality and freshness of the food are maintained perfectly until it’s time to serve, contributing to the success of the event.

Apartment buildings

  • Seamless Frozen Goods Delivery for Residents: In apartment complexes, our frozen smart lockers provide a reliable solution for residents to securely receive frozen food deliveries. Whether it’s online grocery shopping or meal-kit services, these lockers ensure that all items remain perfectly frozen until residents are ready to collect them.

  • Assuring Delivery Security: Offering a significant advantage for both residents and delivery services, our lockers ensure that frozen items are securely stored upon delivery. This not only prevents items from being left unattended but also protects them from potential theft, thereby maintaining their integrity and security.

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Step into the future of parcel management with our Click & Collect Intelligent Indoor Lockers.

These advanced lockers, powered by intelligent software and internet connectivity, ensure the secure and efficient delivery of goods, filling the crucial gap in scenarios where senders and recipients are not co-located.

Our range includes versatile options like non-refrigerated, ambient, and refrigerated modular lockers, each customizable to suit a variety of requirements. Ideal for the dynamic and fast-paced realm of online shopping and express delivery, these intelligent lockers are accessible 24/7 at conveniently chosen locations, ready to serve at any hour.

With the surge in online retail, the need for superior parcel delivery solutions has never been greater. Our indoor parcel lockers, meticulously designed by skilled engineers, rise to this challenge. Perfectly suited for diverse settings such as apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial areas, and spacious venues, they not only elevate your service offering but also foster trust among your customers.

Key Features

- Robust Security Systems: Featuring high-security locking mechanisms, our lockers are fortified against unauthorised access, ensuring each parcel is securely protected.

- Integrated Surveillance Cameras: Each locker is equipped with built-in cameras, enabling ongoing monitoring and heightened security for every stored parcel throughout its stay.

- Compatibility with Multiple Couriers: Our intelligent lockers are engineered for seamless integration with a diverse array of courier services, facilitating a wide range of delivery and collection possibilities.

- Intuitive Tech for Easy Management: The lockers are enhanced with advanced technology, paired with a user-friendly mobile app, making locker management and user interactions straightforward and efficient.

- Flexible Storage Options: With a variety of cabinet sizes available, our lockers can accommodate anything from small personal parcels to larger deliveries, offering versatile storage solutions for all needs.

- Customisable Aesthetic Appeal: Tailor the appearance of your lockers to fit your space, with a wide selection of colours and designs available. This allows for a perfect blend with your existing décor or an opportunity to make a bold visual statement.


Practical Solutions in Action:

Expertly designed to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, our lockers redefine the norms of parcel delivery and storage. Below, we explore various scenarios where our innovative Indoor Parcel Lockers are making a significant difference in streamlining the processes across multiple industries.

Offices & Co-Working

  • Secure Document and Equipment Storage: Employees and freelancers can securely store important documents, electronics, or personal items, reducing the risk of loss or theft.
  • Enhanced Workplace Convenience: Facilitates the receipt of personal deliveries, online shopping items, or business parcels without disrupting the work environment.

Retail Stores

  • Boosting ‘Click and Collect’ Efficiency: Our smart indoor lockers provide an ideal solution for the ‘Click and Collect’ service. By enabling customers to swiftly pick up their online orders, these lockers streamline the collection process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Driving Additional Footfall: As shoppers come to collect their parcels, they are more likely to make additional purchases, increasing overall store traffic and sales opportunities.

Student Accommodation

  • Secure Package Reception for Students: Allows students to receive parcels, textbooks, and care packages securely, accommodating their irregular schedules and study commitments.
  • Reducing Parcel Management Burden: By having these lockers on-site, accommodation managers alleviate the need to handle and store students’ deliveries, streamlining the process for both staff and students.

Apartment buildings

  • Safe Parcel Deliveries for Residents: Offers residents a secure and convenient way to receive online shopping deliveries at any time, without the need for a concierge or secure entry.
  • Community Amenity Enhancement: Adds value to apartment complexes by providing a modern, secure amenity that meets the needs of a growing number of online consumers.

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Discover the Ease of Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers.

Embrace the future of parcel management with our Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers, designed to meet the increasing demands of online shopping and delivery. This innovative solution effortlessly tackles the complexities of contemporary parcel delivery, significantly enhancing the user experience and seamlessly integrating into everyday life. Whether for private homes, bustling retail environments, or community settings like apartment buildings and student accommodations, these lockers provide the perfect blend of convenience and security.

Constructed to endure a variety of outdoor conditions, our lockers offer robust security and durability. They are equipped to securely store parcels of all sizes, from the smallest packages to larger deliveries, ensuring safekeeping until collection. Their user-friendly design makes them accessible and simple to operate for everyone. Additionally, the integration of our mobile app adds a new layer of convenience, allowing users to manage their deliveries with ease. Experience the cutting-edge in click & collect service with our intelligent outdoor locker solutions.

Key Features

- Built for All Weather Conditions: Engineered to endure diverse weather scenarios including rain, snow, and intense sunlight, our lockers ensure that your parcels remain secure and undamaged, regardless of external conditions.

- Round-the-Clock Parcel Access: Offering 24/7 accessibility, these lockers provide unmatched convenience, allowing users to collect their deliveries at any hour, thereby eliminating the constraints of traditional delivery timings.

- State-of-the-Art Security: Equipped with top-tier security features, including robust locking mechanisms and options for CCTV surveillance, our lockers guarantee the utmost safety for both the locker unit and the parcels stored within.

- Versatile for Various Parcel Sizes: Designed to securely accommodate a wide array of parcel sizes, these lockers ensure safe storage for everything from small packages to larger deliveries, catering to a range of user needs.

- Durability with Minimal Upkeep: Crafted from high-quality materials, our outdoor lockers are built for longevity and require minimal maintenance, making them a dependable and enduring solution for parcel storage.

- Effortless Courier Service Compatibility: These lockers are designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of courier services, streamlining the delivery process and ensuring efficient, reliable parcel collection for all users.


Discover the Versatility of Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers

Dive into the world of our Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers, designed to seamlessly adapt to a multitude of environments. These lockers are a unique way to redefine the parcel delivery and collection experience with unmatched efficiency and reliability. They're truly changing the world of service delivery and elevating user experiences in various sectors, from residential communities to bustling retail spaces.

Retail Environments

  • Enhanced Click & Collect for Retail Customers: Our intelligent outdoor lockers redefine the ‘Click and Collect’ service by offering an easily accessible outdoor collection point. This facility not only enhances customer convenience for online order pickups but also encourages additional footfall near the store, potentially boosting in-store visits and purchases.

  • Optimising Retail Efficiency: By integrating these outdoor lockers, retail operations can significantly streamline the management of online orders. This efficient system liberates valuable in-store space and staff resources, enabling retail teams to concentrate more on in-store customer engagement and other critical operational tasks.

Corporate & Office Spaces

  • Streamlined Outdoor Delivery for Workplaces: Our Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers present a secure and efficient solution for corporate offices. They facilitate the reception of both personal and professional deliveries in an outdoor setting, ensuring minimal disruption to the workplace environment. This system is ideal for offices looking to manage parcel deliveries effectively without impacting daily operations.

  • Safe and Private Collection of Sensitive Items: Specifically designed for corporate settings, these lockers offer a secure and discreet method for employees to receive sensitive documents and packages. Placed externally, they provide a level of privacy and security that is crucial for handling confidential business materials, thereby enhancing overall workplace convenience and safety.

Educational Campuses

  • Tailored Outdoor Parcel Services for Students: Our Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers are perfectly suited for educational environments, enabling students to securely receive parcels, textbooks, and other essential items in an outdoor setting. This service is especially beneficial in accommodating the diverse and flexible schedules that are typical of campus life.

  • Round-the-Clock Accessibility on Campus: Strategically placed in outdoor locations across campus, these intelligent lockers provide 24/7 accessibility to deliveries. This feature is essential in meeting the needs of students and faculty alike, whose busy and often irregular timetables demand a flexible and reliable parcel collection solution.

Residential Communities

  • Secure Outdoor Delivery Solution for Residents: Our Click & Collect Intelligent Outdoor Lockers provide a secure way for residents in apartment complexes and housing cooperatives to receive their online shopping and parcels. Positioned outdoors, these lockers mitigate the risk of unattended packages and lessen the management’s responsibility for parcel handling.

  • Convenient 24/7 Outdoor Access: Placed in accessible outdoor locations, these intelligent lockers offer residents the flexibility of round-the-clock access to their deliveries. This feature is particularly advantageous for residents with hectic schedules or those who spend significant time away from home, ensuring they can collect their parcels at their utmost convenience.

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How Smart Lockers Work


Your Questions Answered

Our frozen lockers are designed to maintain temperatures as low as -18°C, ensuring that items like ice cream, frozen meats, and other perishables are kept in optimal frozen conditions.

Absolutely. Our refrigerated lockers provide a stable temperature environment ideal for storing temperature-sensitive items like medications and cosmetics, ensuring they are kept at safe temperatures.

Yes, our heated lockers are perfect for food delivery services. They keep meals warm and fresh, ensuring that food remains at the ideal temperature for consumption upon pickup.

Security is a top priority for our lockers. They are equipped with advanced security features, including CCTV and secure locking mechanisms, to ensure the safety of the contents.

Yes, our lockers are designed to be versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring functionality and reliability.

Our lockers are designed for low maintenance. They come equipped with features such as condenser coils in refrigerated units to prevent clogging, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Users can access the lockers using a secure pin code or QR code system. This ensures that only authorised individuals can open the locker and access its contents.

Yes, energy efficiency is a key design feature. Our lockers use the latest technology to ensure they operate efficiently, minimising energy consumption while maintaining optimal temperature conditions.



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