Smart Ambient Lockers: The Ultimate Solution in Temperature-Controlled Convenience

Designed to Perfectly Preserve Electronics and Other Sensitive Products

Ambient Smart Lockers are a groundbreaking solution in the world of storage and parcel delivery.

These state-of-the-art lockers are specially designed to maintain a controlled ‘ambient’ environment, which is essential for a wide range of products that require stable, room temperature conditions. 

Temperature Regulation

These lockers are engineered to maintain a consistent ambient temperature, making them ideal for storing electronics, certain types of pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive products that may be adversely affected by extreme temperature fluctuations.

Advanced Security

Equipped with sophisticated security measures, the lockers ensure that every item stored is kept safe and secure. From secure access codes to CCTV surveillance options, these lockers prioritise the safety of stored items.


Constructed with high-quality materials, Ambient Smart Lockers are built to withstand regular use and various environmental conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.



The perfect solution for online food purchases, storage of perishable goods or delivery of refrigerated packages.

Our refrigerated lockers offer unparalleled versatility, going beyond just being ideal for grocery and food deliveries. They are superbly suited for a wide range of temperature-sensitive goods such as medications, cosmetics, and electronic devices, which require specific climatic conditions for preservation.

The unique feature of these lockers is the individual compartment temperature control. Each section can be precisely adjusted to maintain the optimal temperature, ensuring the quality and integrity of different products are preserved. Their robust design ensures consistent performance in various locations, be it indoor or outdoor settings, making them a reliable solution for preserving product quality under varying environmental conditions.

Key Features

- Highly efficient and relevant to so many industries

- Helps improve productivity and reduce unnecessary inconveniences like queues

- Energy efficient, quiet, and can also be fitted with lighting and CCTV- keeping not only the lockers safe, but your customers products secure inside too

- All goods are safe and secure until they are picked up by the recipient

- No maintenance is required as the refrigerated parcel terminal has a condenser coil preventing clogging of dust and other airborne particles

- Able to sync to various couriers, collecting shipments from different couriers and guaranteed delivery to your locker


Real-World Applications:

Discover the transformative impact of our refrigerated smart lockers in various settings. Our smart lockers are designed to meet diverse needs with efficiency and convenience. Here's a few examples of how these innovative lockers are reshaping storage and retrieval experiences across various industries.


  • Meal and Snack Storage: Employees can have their lunch, snacks, or even meal-kit deliveries stored safely, ensuring freshness throughout the day. It’s perfect for health-conscious staff or those indulging in a special treat.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care: Employees who receive temperature-sensitive medications or cosmetics can have them securely stored until they’re ready to pick them up.
  • Enhanced Employee Benefits: Offering refrigerated locker facilities can be seen as a valuable employee benefit, enhancing workplace satisfaction and convenience.


  • Click-and-Collect Grocery Service: Customers can order groceries online and pick them up from the refrigerated lockers at their convenience, ensuring fresh and chilled products even if they can’t make it to the store immediately.
  • Specialty Product Storage: Ideal for speciality items that require specific temperatures, like artisanal cheeses, meats, or prepared meals.
  • Reducing Checkout Queues: By facilitating easy pick-up, these lockers can help reduce congestion and queues at checkout points.


  • Prescription Pickup: Patients can pick up their temperature-sensitive medications at their convenience, without having to wait in line or worry about the medicine’s exposure to unsuitable conditions.
  • Efficiency in Service: Helps pharmacies manage high volumes of prescriptions more efficiently, reducing wait times and improving customer service.
  • After-Hours Pickup: Provides an option for patients to collect their medications outside of regular pharmacy hours, ensuring continuous access to critical healthcare needs.

Apartment buildings

  • Grocery Delivery Management: Residents can have their grocery deliveries stored securely, which is especially useful for those who are not at home during regular delivery hours.
  • Community Health and Wellness: Can be used to store community health products, such as flu vaccines or health supplements, distributed to residents.
  • Amenity Enhancement: Adds a modern amenity to the building, increasing its appeal and providing a convenient solution for residents’ storage needs.

Discover the Future of Storage


Our heated smart lockers are the ultimate solution for maintaining the freshness and warmth of food deliveries.

This system addresses the common challenges faced in hot food delivery, enhancing the customer experience and reducing complaints and losses for eateries. It's a win-win for fast-food, office buildings, hotels, and restaurant chains alike.

Our heated, food-warmer lockers are designed for high security and versatile storage, accommodating different sizes of hot food packages with ease. User-friendly and straightforward, these lockers can be operated by anyone, and convenience is further amplified by our mobile app, streamlining delivery management.

Key Features

- Constant Heat: If the recipient is delayed, the locker maintains a consistent heat, guaranteeing that food remains hot and ready to enjoy at the customer's convenience

- Enhances Service Efficiency: Reduces wait times and streamlines pickup processes, eliminating the inconvenience of long queues.

- Advanced Security Features: Equipped with options for lighting and CCTV, ensuring both the safety of the locker and the security of the contents inside.

- Guaranteed Safe Storage: Ensures that all hot food deliveries remain secure and in optimal condition until collected by the recipient.

- Low Maintenance Design: Specially designed to operate efficiently with minimal upkeep, providing hassle-free service.

- Courier Compatibility: Flexible to accommodate various courier services, ensuring reliable and consistent delivery to the locker.


Heated Smart Lockers In Industry:

Experience the convenience and innovation of our heated smart lockers across multiple settings. Tailored to cater to a range of requirements with utmost efficiency and ease, these lockers redefine the experience of storing and retrieving hot items. Here are some examples illustrating how our cutting-edge heated lockers are being currently used in service delivery and other various sectors.


  • Efficient External Order Management:  When guests order from outside restaurants, delivery drivers no longer need to navigate to specific rooms or engage with reception staff. Instead, meals can be securely placed in these lockers, ensuring they remain hot and fresh until the guest is ready to collect them.
  • After-Hours Dining: For guests ordering food outside of the hotel’s dining hours, these lockers provide a secure and warm storage solution, allowing guests to enjoy hot meals at their leisure. 

Restaurants & Online Orders

  • Streamlined Takeaway Process: Restaurants can offer customers the convenience of pre-ordering meals and collecting them from heated lockers, ensuring food stays hot and fresh until pickup.
  • Efficient Order Management: Helps manage peak time order overflow, providing a quick and easy pickup option for customers, reducing wait times and improving service efficiency.

Fast-Food & Takeaways

  • Rapid Service for Drive-Thru and Pickups: Fast-food outlets can use heated lockers to store orders, allowing customers to grab their meals quickly, either through drive-thru or walk-in pickups.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensures that take-out meals maintain their temperature and quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

Apartment buildings

  • Resident Meal Deliveries: Apartment complexes can install heated lockers in common areas for residents to receive hot food deliveries from local eateries, ensuring meals are warm upon collection.
  • Community Dining Solutions: Enhances community living by offering a modern amenity that supports various dining options and lifestyles, especially for residents who frequently order takeaway.



State-of-the-art lockers designed to maintain sub-zero temperatures, making them ideal for a range of uses.

Our Frozen Smart Lockers expertly tackle the challenges associated with the delivery and storage of frozen goods. They enhance the customer experience by ensuring the integrity and quality of frozen items, thus reducing potential complaints and product losses. This makes them an invaluable asset not only for supermarkets and retail stores but also for medical facilities, restaurants, and residential complexes.

Designed with a focus on security and versatility, these lockers are capable of maintaining stringent sub-zero temperatures, suitable for a wide range of frozen products. Their user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can operate them with ease. Additionally, the integration of our mobile app adds a layer of convenience, allowing for seamless management of deliveries and storage

Key Features

- Consistent Sub-Zero Temperatures: Even if the recipient is delayed, the locker maintains precise sub-zero conditions, ensuring that frozen items remain perfectly preserved and ready when needed.

- Optimised for Frozen Goods: Tailored specifically for items that require freezing temperatures, like frozen foods, medical supplies, and sensitive materials.

- Enhanced Storage Efficiency: Streamlines the storage and collection process, significantly reducing wait times and avoiding the inconvenience of product degradation.

- Robust Security Measures: Features advanced security options, including lighting and CCTV, safeguarding both the locker's integrity and the safety of its contents.

- Reliable Safekeeping: Guarantees that all frozen items are securely stored and maintained in pristine condition until they are collected by the recipient.

- Low-Maintenance Operation: Designed for high efficiency and low maintenance, these lockers ensure a trouble-free, reliable service over extended periods.

- Courier Integration: Offers compatibility with various courier services, facilitating reliable and consistent delivery management for frozen items.


Integrating Frozen Lockers Into Your Business:

Discover the efficiency and advanced technology of our frozen smart lockers in diverse environments. Specially designed to meet various freezing requirements with maximum effectiveness and simplicity, these lockers transform the process of storing and accessing frozen items. Here are a few examples of how our state-of-the-art frozen lockers are currently being implemented in various sectors.

Supermarkets & Retail

  • Convenient Click-and-Collect for Frozen Goods: Customers can order frozen items like ice cream, frozen vegetables, and ready meals online and collect them from the lockers at their convenience, ensuring the items stay frozen.
  • Managing Peak Times: During busy periods, lockers can help manage the overflow of frozen product pickups, reducing queues and enhancing customer experience.

Healthcare & Laboratories

  • Secure Storage for Sensitive Samples: Ideal for storing temperature-sensitive medical supplies, vaccines, and biological samples that require stringent cold chain management.
  • Efficient Sample Management: Laboratories can use these lockers for safely storing samples before analysis, ensuring they remain uncompromised in terms of temperature.

Food Service & Catering

  • Inventory Management for Frozen Ingredients: Restaurants and catering services can efficiently manage their stock of frozen ingredients, reducing waste and optimising kitchen operations.
  • Bulk Order Deliveries: For large events, caterers can store pre-prepared frozen items securely, ensuring quality is maintained until the time of the event.
  • Streamlined Event Catering: Frozen smart lockers can be a game-changer for event caterers, allowing for the advance preparation and secure storage of frozen items, and can be stored outdoors for collection with ease and by your team 24/7. 

Apartment buildings

  • Delivery of Frozen Goods: Provides a safe and secure way for residents to receive frozen food deliveries, such as online grocery orders or meal-kit services, ensuring items stay perfectly frozen until collection.
  • Enhanced Security for Deliveries: These lockers offer peace of mind for both residents and delivery services, as they ensure that frozen items are not left unattended or at risk of theft, maintaining both their integrity and security.
  • Convenience for Busy Lifestyles: Ideal for residents with hectic schedules, frozen smart lockers allow for the collection of frozen deliveries at any time, providing flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of their frozen goods.

Keep Your Deliveries Perfect

How Smart Lockers Work


Your Questions Answered

Our frozen lockers are designed to maintain temperatures as low as -18°C, ensuring that items like ice cream, frozen meats, and other perishables are kept in optimal frozen conditions.

Absolutely. Our refrigerated lockers provide a stable temperature environment ideal for storing temperature-sensitive items like medications and cosmetics, ensuring they are kept at safe temperatures.

Yes, our heated lockers are perfect for food delivery services. They keep meals warm and fresh, ensuring that food remains at the ideal temperature for consumption upon pickup.

Security is a top priority for our lockers. They are equipped with advanced security features, including CCTV and secure locking mechanisms, to ensure the safety of the contents.

Yes, our lockers are designed to be versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring functionality and reliability.

Our lockers are designed for low maintenance. They come equipped with features such as condenser coils in refrigerated units to prevent clogging, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Users can access the lockers using a secure pin code or QR code system. This ensures that only authorised individuals can open the locker and access its contents.

Yes, energy efficiency is a key design feature. Our lockers use the latest technology to ensure they operate efficiently, minimising energy consumption while maintaining optimal temperature conditions.



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